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Unlock Secure Algorithmic Trading with Neobank


Welcome to Neobank, your trusted partner in algorithmic trading. We specialize in connecting your existing Bybit, Binance, or other exchange accounts securely to our advanced trading algorithms. With Neobank, you retain full control of your funds as we operate solely through API integration, ensuring your assets are always safe and secure

Why Choose Us

Safety and Security
Your funds remain in your exchange account, safeguarded by
industry-leading security measures.

Advanced Algorithms
Gain access to sophisticated trading strategies designed to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

Transparent Profit Sharing
We believe in fair  partnerships. Only when your portfolio exceeds a 30% monthly profit threshold do we share in the gains. If your capital grows less than 30%, no profit sharing applies.

Expertise and Support
Our team of experienced traders and technologists is dedicated to optimizing your trading experience.

Get Started Today

Ready to elevate your trading strategy? Join Neobank and harness the power of algorithmic
trading with peace of mind. Contact us now to begin your journey towards smarter, safer

How It Works

Connect Your Account
Link your Bybit, Binance, or other exchange account
securely via API.

Monitor Performance
Track real-time trading activity and performance metrics conveniently.

Profit Sharing
Enjoy the benefits of our profit-sharing model, ensuring alignment of interests between you and Neobank.

Our Services

 Hassle-Free Wealth Increase 
 Helping you to increase your wealth by up to 30% each month with minimal risk.

 Capital Risk Management 
We prioritize the protection of your investment by employing robust risk management strategies. Our algorithms are designed to minimize potential losses, ensuring that your capital is safeguarded against market volatility.

 Personalized Trading Strategies
 Tailoring trading strategies to fit your individual goals and risk tolerance. Our advanced algorithms adapt to your preferences, providing a customized trading experience that aims to maximize your returns while aligning with your investment objectives.

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About Us

Neobank is committed to revolutionizing the way individuals engage with algorithmic trading. Founded by a team of finance professionals and technologists, we combine expertise with innovation to deliver superior results for our clients.

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